The Jewel Box Vol. 3 full movie

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Description: the 3rd release of the hot new line of amateur interracial cuckold videos by the one and only Sara Swirls cuckolding legend and Goddess. this is an intimate and personal scene featuring no fancy make up or lights just raw and amateur natural cuckolding and for the first time ever Sara uses a dildo on a cuckold! Very intense the way she humiliates this cuckold and causes him to fully submit while she is frolicking with a superior strong big dicked black bull. It is quite obvious how naturally tuned on Goddess Sara has become after using a dildo on her cuckold by observing the large amounts of creamy wetness being released by this Goddess on to the long black shaft of her worthy and dominant black bull enjoy this jewel and then come back for more
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 11:00
No. of views: 3335
Added: 2014-11-05 19:46:21
Category: Swirls Jewels from the Vault vol 3
Tags: jewel box volume 3 creamy white pussy on big black dick use dildo on cuckold humiliates and verbally teases cuckold while fucking and creaming on big black 9 inch
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