ss96 Electrophysiques preview trailer

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Description: Simply a timeless concept that dictates and governs the sexual and spiritual interactions between free loving Electrosexual beings there are no chemcials no silicone no msg or flouride added to this concoction all activity is consensual grown and sexy adult fun. in the realm of Electrophysiques if it feels good it is good so long as we are not trying to hurt anyone Electrosexuals of the world come in all flavors shapes sizes and have a common unspoken bond we will eternally assert our divine rights to express ourselves amongst each other freely sexually and spiritually and that assertion shall not be infringed by any person place or thing thus sayeth the timeless and eternal laws of Electrophysiques watch Sara and her special bull pleasure themselves while hubby captures the raw zesty passion that is afforded all who embrace and open marriage and cuckolding lifestyle one love free love and love for all watch this raw unfiltered close up action from a night of Sara Swirls Electrophysical escapades while Sara and her bull are having a passion festival one of her honorary cuckolds calls her on the phone and begs her to be included in the action so Sara obliges and allows the cuckold to view her and her bull while they fuck with wild abandon. Sara shows the cuckboy thru webcam why he can never compete with her bull and why he will always have to watch and serve
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 01:24
No. of views: 3273
Added: 2014-10-03 21:18:31
Category: Cuckold Trailers
Tags: ss96 Electrophysiques big black dick interracial fucking cuckold close up action sara swirls phat bubble ass
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