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Description: How often are we presented with words that spark deep understanding? It is commonly understood that the powerful and mystical traits of the mighty ancient bull are well deserved. We want to show our appreciation and affinity for true bullish traits found in a variety of Sara's lovers. This fabulous Bull featured in this scene has proven himself to be a very down to earth respectful yet dominant assertive bald headed brother who Sara and hubby can truly call a friend. Meet mr Jevan BlaqBullxxx an up and coming prime cut slice of bull stud. Bulls are not simply a piece of stud meat, they are proving to be compassionate intelligent helpful loyal friends and associates more often than not. This feature is a tribute to all bulls in and out of the cuckold lifestyle who actually get it and respect it. One love freaky people and may your experiences be all too PleasureAbull this scene is filled with more shit talking by Sara and her Bull being very verbal and racy with there words towards the esteemed cuckold
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 24:56
No. of views: 3132
Added: 2014-10-09 17:10:02
Category: ss94 PleasureAbull
Tags: ss94 PleasureAbull Sara Swirls Jevan Blaqbull big black dick muscular stud black bull big dick stud
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