ss92 Deezbigazznutz of Mr Deiz part 1 of 4

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Description: Once again Sara is joined by none other than the 6'7 tall big bad dominant black master who goes by the name Mr. Deiz. It has been some time since Sara was caught being a bad girl in the Office of Principal Diez and he is back to show why he does not take pity on naughty white wives. Mr. Deiz and his big bag of nuts have come into town to chase down a fine married dime piece like Sara who can serve up the zestiest slice of vanilla pussy creampie you have ever seen or tasted. Sara begins this scene by walking around and teasing Mr. Deiz with her sexy and curvy hourglass body wearing a very sexy and tight one piece black dominatrix outfit and man does it fit her like a glove. Mr Deiz can hardly wait to peel off her outfit and commence to ravishing her smaller submissive white body with his big black hands and trusty staff. Mr Deiz is packing so much girth that within seconds of Sara mounting this not so gentle giant, she begins releasing creamy white froth all over his big black manly dick as she ride up and down on a real large man with a very thick and satisfying big black dick. Do not miss this hot and heavy fucking action with a very deep and creamy deposit left by the big bad and agressive Mr. Deiz.
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 04:08
No. of views: 5609
Added: 2014-01-28 12:07:46
Category: ss92 DeezBigAzzNutz of Mr Deiz
Tags: ss92 deezbigazznutz of Mr Deiz interracial amateur creampie big black dick creamy pussy
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