ss91 The Swirls Sixty Nine Min Workout part 2 of 4

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Description: Now there is one interesting story behind this scene, and it serves to illustrate for you how realistic and insatiable Sara's desire can be for lustful raviging! Well moments after Sara enters the gym, she notices a sexy and physical specimen of man pumping and throwing around some weight of his own. The strong black gentlemen wastes no time introducing himself and offers some workout tips of his own! Not only does he offer Sara tips but he physically grabs her sexy body while she is on the stair master and shows his assertiveness as a body pleaser. This action of course is precisely the strength and agression that Sara longs for in a boy friend and though she tries to resist the body builder's advances but resistance is futile as her body desires and craves strength and passion from a real hard bodied stud! Sara invites the body builder back to her suite for a cool down period after her workout. These two physcial specimens are immediately wrapped up in a lustful and sweaty round of interplay and frolicking, when suddenly the body builder is summoned and has to leave in an emergency. At this point Sara has already squirted several times and is in rare form for some more hard black pounding so she calls black loving back up who happens to be one no nonsense biker and security guard who has just the right stroke to finish off Sara's heated passion needs. Sara is pounded all over and gets to be pleased seperately by two different big strong sexy aggressive black men!
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 04:09
No. of views: 5567
Added: 2014-01-28 12:07:35
Category: ss91 The Swirls 69 Minute Workout
Tags: ss91 the swirls 69 minute workout squirting sara swirls interracial sex
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