ss90 Cream of Black Mushroom part 2 of 5

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Description: Well With a name that drips straight from one's lips. Cream of Black Mushroom has a bold and natural ring to it especially if you are someone that knows good eating. So what's this got to do with good eating you ask. Well there is a new dish on the menu according to many of Sara's fans. This new dish is a delicious combination of big black mushroom and natural pure frothy married pussy cream! These two ingredients have the ability to make mouths of all flavors and colors water uncontrolably. When a big and ripe meaty hunk of a mushroom is presented to a Goddess for nurturing, it becomes the main ingredient. The second ingredient which does the nurturing and seasoning of the mushroom tip, is the Goddess Cream Sauce! When the Goddess is ready she takes the mushroom and coats the mushroom in her one of a kind Creamy and delicious Goddess Sauce. If you have not cuaght on to the imagery and metaphors then perhaps you will better understand that this scene features Goddess Sara Swirls bouncing,riding,creaming and cumming on one of the longest and thickest black mushrooms she has ever been able to mount. This stud surely knows what it feels like to live as a real man by having women cream and froth all over his black mushroom with little to no effort on his part. Watch the Goddess pleasure herself as well as this 6'4 sexy black gentlemen with a real 12 inch big black dick. You will want to savor the flavor of the Cream of Black Mushroom at the end of this video.
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 04:01
No. of views: 4732
Added: 2014-01-28 12:07:42
Category: ss90 Cream of Black Mushroom
Tags: ss90 cream of black mushroom amateur interracial creampie sara swirls
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