ss89 The Art of Bull Riding part 2

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Description: It stands to reason that poor is the woman who's pleasure depends on the permission of another. This electric and dynamic display of raw unfiltered interracial cuckolding lust is captured from many angles as Sara puts in an epic all time intense performance with a real life aspiring cuckold and a real life 6 ft 5 inch tall hung black biker. The racy and lust filled taunts of humiliation and erotic worship of a superior stud are captured for all to see the close up zest between the worlds foremost interracial cuckolding goddess Sara Swirls. This is the first scene we can think of where there really are no words to describe it other than erotically explosive. Watch Sara make this cuckold prep and prepare her horny married white pussy for a superior black bull. Her cuckold is forced to lie beneath her and her strong black stud and watch close up penetration of Sara beautiful married white pussy. The positions are awesome and the scandalous nature of this no holes barred erotic event will leave you shivering with pleasure and adrenaline. When we say this is an epic Sara Swirls cuckolding scene it should be taken as such.
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 09:32
No. of views: 3985
Added: 2012-12-15 09:54:44
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