ss87 Will Cuck for Flowers pt one

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Description: It's been said time and time again that the way to a woman's heart is flowers and candy. Well we certainly think that is reasonable but we would like to also add that another way to secure your place with a woman is to buy the flowers and ask her bull to present the flowers to her on his very own behalf. If the thought of your husband buying flowers for another sexy black man to present to you does excite you then please report to cuckolding 101. We heard they are now offering those courses online somewhere. As for this scene, it is really stripped down and plain raw filthy amateur interracial cuckolding done by the best. Sara has been on hiatus for some time, as she returns in this scene with a scorching dosage of verbal humiliation and trash talking while she surrenders her precious body to a better assembled superior black stallion. If you doubt that this stud has what it takes to satisfy a woman like Sara Swirls just have a look at the frothy white cream that coats the entire length and width of her boyfriend's big black dick. Chock full of trash talking and verbal teasing and taunting along with very good riding and missionary close up action! Enjoy the Goddess enjoying what she enjoys best that is your enjoyment of her enjoyment enjoy!
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 10:36
No. of views: 3667
Added: 2012-12-14 20:43:43
Category: Sara Movies, ss87 Will cuck for flowers
Tags: shit talking, verbal humiliation, sara swirls, cuckold, trash talking, creampies
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