ss84 U Sexy Motha Cucka preview trailer

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Description: Not many things turn on a sexy cuckoldress like Sara Swirls other than a large black bull and a small cuckold locked in the same room for hours on end. Sara gets so moist and creamy as she reigns supreme as she captivates and commands the attention of her masculine and agressive bull. WHile she is psying attention to her bull stud she is also giving her submissive cuckold commands and duties and in this video Master shares in commmanding her cuckold in his duties. This is what drives Sara insane with lust and desire as it is very erotic for her to be the ring leader in the room with 1 real men, and 1 half of a man
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 02:11
No. of views: 4284
Added: 2012-12-19 04:46:37
Category: Cuckold Trailers
Tags: sissy cuckold, black dick, sara swirls
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