ss80 The Office of Principal Deez part 1

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Description: Why is it hard for bad girls to learn their lessons in the principals office? Well that's a question that can only be answered by the web's most notorious Bad Bitch! The One and only Sara Swirls finds herself face to face with one Principal Deez. Be warned Principal Deez is no ordinary Principal. Standing at 6 ft tall 250 lbs. and packing a 10 inch long black and thick disclipine staff he is all business when it comes to unruly hot wives! This strict no nonsense Master has zero tolerance for hot wives who think they can cause disruptions in class with the impromptu shaking of a phat ass. Sara is under no illusions about what powers she has been gifted with, and she proceeds to show Principal Deez that there is no punishment he can muster that will deter her from being a bad girl. This strong and agressive powerful black man is walking around with the kind of goodness that every bad girl is in need of. Watch Sara tease this black bull with the strategic and sensual shaking and wiggling of her lucsious hips and ass. Principal Deez wastes no time in trying to tame this annoying bad girl who wants to shake her ass with no repercussions. Within minutes Principal Deez is causing Sara to gag on his super dark and dick dick meat! After a few rounds of gagging Mr. Deez decides he wants to try out this fine white pussy, and that he does
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 12:01
No. of views: 5383
Added: 2012-12-12 14:26:32
Category: Sara Movies, ss80
Tags: ss80movclip1HD
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