ss79 Little White Riding Hood full movie

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Description: Have you ever wondered what it is that causes a little white chick to become submissive to a big black man? Well for starters there is the old axiom of opposites attract. Secondly there is an innate affinity that black males, as well as white females are embedded with which exudes a natural innocent curiosity with that which is opposite. the world has caught up with the fact that Interracial sex is as old as time itself, and the act of cuckolding is a normal behavior evident and pervasive in all of nature. Thats real talk, and is not up for debate. This scene is another round of spine tingling erotic chemistry between Sara and her most recognized Bull. What you are about to witness is Sara Swirls engaged in the forbidden dance also known as ass shakin, booty clapping, which directly elicits an erection from her bull. The beauty of the forbidden dance and what can be learned from it is this. A cuckoldress should be well versed in the tease and denial arts. One should also be skilled in the area of erotic dance and submissive expression. This scene shows you the fine traits of a real cuckoldress that often go unnoticed. It's not always about keeping your cuckold in check, but it has to do with properly stimulating and arousing your black bull so that his erection may be the most intense and rigid erection he can possibly muster. f you have not already blasted your puny load while watching this fabulous ass shake with rythm and perfection, then come on inside and see this little white riding hood get impaled and drilled by her premier hung black bull! Creampie, ass shaking, and close up multiple positions await you and this highly charged explosive scene!
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 12:29
No. of views: 4535
Added: 2012-12-12 16:56:54
Category: Sara Movies, ss79
Tags: ss79
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