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Description: Such is the passion intensity and the rush from an Electro Erotic Cuckold Triangle. It seems as though there is much misunderstanding about the particulars of being a cuckoldress,a cuckold,a bull, or being in a cuckold/open relationship. There are certain behaviors that are rampant and pervasive all throughout nature. If one engages in simple research they will find that there are laws in nature that govern us all. Many who are uninitiated in the wisdom teachings will assume that cuckold hotwife relationships or behavior is bizarre or abnormal, when in fact it is very normal and prevalent everywhere in nature. But before we open that can of worms, you will have to unlearn and wipe clean much of your learned and acquired ignorance. This is scene is for those curious or committed practitioners of the lifestyle who like to see raw intense triangular cuckolding from individuals who are familiar with and practice the cuckold hotwife and swinging lifestyle. ENough of the paid actors and actresses trying to entertain you as they pretend to conduct themselves as experienced cuckold practitioners.
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 36:52
No. of views: 5839
Added: 2012-12-12 16:57:36
Category: Sara Movies, ss78
Tags: ss78
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