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Description: ss102 forbidden fruit clip 10 of 10 Of all the things society likes to prohibited from us there can be nothing more enticing and tasty then the lure of a hot wife's forbidden fruit. We have living legend who goes by the name Sara Swirls and she likes to make her creamy dreamy married white pussy forbidden to her cuckold husband. Forbidden so much that she only allows real men with big hard dicks to ever penetrate her married white pussy. Especially big strong black men. In this scene we have Sara conducting a zesty and raw cuck and fuck session with one of her sissy cuckolds as she prefers to dress her cuckold in sexy lingerie and stockings so that her bull is in oontrol of all the feminine energy in the room. Nothing makes a bull stud more erect then when he hears a hot wife make her sissy bitch boy moan like a girl as her bull is thrusting his larger more erect dick into her soaking and dripping wet married cunt. Watch these 2 superior specimens Sara and her bull use this sissy cuck for their own amusement! Real nasty talking and taunting along with hot close up cuck and fuck action
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 01:50
No. of views: 4728
Added: 2015-09-28 12:22:18
Category: ss102 Forbidden Fruit
Tags: ss102 forbidden fruit interracial sex cuckold sara swirls bisexual cuckolding bbc worship
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