ss100 Electro Orgasmic PhoneCuck Therapy preview trailer

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Description: ss100 Electro Orgasmic PhoneCuck Therapy is an appropriate way to mark the 100th Sara Swirls scene released after 10 years on the web. This scene features all the hall marks and specialties that helped contribute to and formulate the legacy known as Sara Swirls. We feature all natural real life human individuals and practitioners of the cuckolding lifestyle. Sara is doing what she does better than anyone on the planet and that is behaving as a conductor and ring leader for a multitude of male fantasies and male desires. She is able to entertain, amuse, torment, pleasure an alpha bull while simultaneously giving the watchful cuckold the erotic humiliation and attention that he so craves. Hot close up interracial action with a big dicked tall stud pounding Sara's beautiful married hourglass frame and causing her to orgasm intensively as a Goddess rightfully deserves to be pleasured. The verbal humiliation being deployed is one of a kind and quite intoxicating for those with humiliation tendacies. please enjoy this 100th title release and see what the zest, passion and energy is all about in the realm of Sara Mother Fucking Swirls
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 01:36
No. of views: 2570
Added: 2015-02-26 15:01:14
Category: Cuckold Trailers
Tags: ss100 Electro Orgasmic PhoneCuck Therapy Sara Swirls cuckold humiliation interracial sex big black dick worship married white pussy
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