Jewels from the Vault vol. 6 full movie

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Description: The continuation of the well received and highly requested latest line of amateur interracial cuckolding clips from the legendary Sara Swirls showcasing her legendary talents in her purest and rawest essence. This scene features Sara doing what she does exclusively and better than anyone in the world which is natural uninhibited interracial cuckolding with one of her worthy black male lovers and some of her worthy submissive cuckolds. Make no mistake if it was ever realized how deep the admiration and respect afforded to mrs Sara Swirls went from many singles, couples, of various nations, various races, and various social classes. The mystique of Sara Swirls is shatterproof and her reputation as the web's most notorious bad girl, hot wife, cuckoldress, shit talking bbc goddess is unsurpassable and etched into the anals of world history. Enjoy this Goddess while she is here, for there will never be another Sara "Mother Fucking" Swirls One love good people of good will and good spirit Live freaky, Live Sexy and Live Free
Submitted by: SaraSwirls
Runtime: 20:13
No. of views: 6346
Added: 2014-11-06 22:25:07
Category: Sara Swirls Jewels from the Vault vol 6
Tags: jewel box vol 6 movie shit talking phone cuckolding verbal humiliation interracial fucking sucking creampie
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